Parent Organization: University of New Hampshire

The Catholic Student Organization (CSO) at UNH focuses on:

Faith and Spirituality
Service for Social Justice
Social Community

Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of New Hampshire believes that faith is central to education and our lives as human beings. We seek to empower each student with the resources and the support they need to deepen their faith, to challenge their convictions, to form community, and to share their time in service with others. 

Faith development is closely tied to students' intellectual development. While learning about the wonders of academics in your courses, Campus Ministry is here to help you integrate your intellectual inquiry with your life experience. Come talk with us about what you are learning in your classes, challenge us in social justice. Through meaningful student centered liturgy, spiritual and social programs, and shared service, we hope to enrich this faith community that is rooted in Catholic traditions that call us to worship, service, and community.

We offer fantastic retreats, individual spiritual direction, faith-sharing communities, and featured faith and social events.

What If You Are Catholic? 
If you are a Catholic Christian, you are most welcome to join the parish community as an active member of St. Thomas More. There are many opportunities for you to participate fully as a lector, musician, singer, Eucharistic minister, or as a minister of hospitality in our regular parish and student liturgies.

What If You Are NOT Catholic? 
Campus Ministry is not just for Catholic students. We provide links for you to religious communities representing your own faith tradition, so you can "grow where you are planted." We believe that one of our most important services is to provide opportunities for our students to become involved or to continue their involvement with a faith tradition and community that worships God in service of the larger community. This includes providing ways for students of diverse faith traditions to come together for inter-faith dialogue, prayer, retreat and service experiences, while exploring their own faith in greater depth.



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