Parent Organization: University of New Hampshire

MOSAICO is the Latino/Latina student organization of the University of New Hampshire. We perform functions and events throughout the school year which emphasize the Hispanic culture and Heritage.

As well as generally taking opportunities to have fun with one another through inclusive parties to celebrate ourselves and what we have accomplished, we take pride in the work we do and the cultural-awareness service we provide the community of UNH. 

MOSAICO members also meet every Thursday at 7:00pm in the MUB room 145. During those times we have fun and discuss different issues or news that are on going in the Hispanic community. 

Everyone is welcome!

Additional Information

Meeting Information

We meet on:

We meet at:
Our meeting location is:
MUB room 145 (DSC office)
Our full meeting schedule is:
For a total of an hour.
Our total membership is:
33 students
Additional Information:
During Mosaico meetings we discus different issues that go on in society, linking them to how it affects the Hispanics in the USA as well as the students at UNH. We also organize different events in order to create cultural awareness and knowledge to the community of the University of New Hampshire.